Mission & Purpose Statements


In the summer of 2008, the Board, Administration and Trustees of Faith Academy of Marble Falls got together to revisit the vision and mission of the school.  The school was going into its 10th year and it was felt that the time was right to seek the Lord for the purpose and call of Faith Academy.  Though the call remained consistent – to bring private Christian education to the Highland Lakes and encourage and build families – the method and purpose of the school the Lord is building was coming in focus.

The result of this Vision Meeting gave us a beautiful mission encapsulated in three words:  Know, Grow, and Go.

  • We endeavor to bring our kids to Know the Lord and through him, the wisdom and knowledge He bestows.  We believe an education that does not include our creator is an incomplete education, therefor God is included in everything we do.  From prayer in the classroom, to Biblical integration in the curriculum, the opportunity to know God is real and alive at Faith Academy.
  • We desire that our students Grow in both knowledge, and their faith as they mature.  Rigorous academics and character building are incorporated to build our kids up in knowledge and faith.  We want students who defend their beliefs, who are capable of being great leaders no matter where they go to college or where the Lord leads them in life.  Imagine a generation of Christians who will not compromise their beliefs?  This is our vision too.
  • Ultimately, we desire that they Go into their community and the world to be difference-makers, armed with academic knowledge, leadership skills and a Biblical foundation that makes them unshakable in their faith and ready for college and beyond.

This vision is incorporated through the University-Model employed at Faith Academy.  This unique model provides two distinct advantages to families involved here.  First, it invites parents to be active participants in the education of the child. God gave your child to you and as such, you are the greatest teacher the child will ever have.  This partnership between parent and school is crucial to growth of the whole child – body, mind and spirit.  The second advantage is that it teaches the self disciplines of time management and independent study skills to better prepare a child for college.  Modeling the University schedule allows kids to learn these crucial skills under the tutelage of both parent and school before venturing off to college to work independently.

Purpose Statement

The purpose of Faith Academy is to provide its students with a Biblically integrated, college preparatory education from a Christian worldview.  Faith Academy is a private University-Model School® that exists to partner with parents in the process of educating children to fulfill God’s will for them.  Spiritual maturity and academic excellence are the focus in preparing them for a life of service to God.